Background Investigation

Candidates must complete a Personal History Questionnaire and provide information related to employment, military experience, driving history, Fire Service/Public Safety experience, financial history, legal history, and substance use. Candidates are advised to provide complete and accurate information. Any misrepresentation may be cause for disqualification.

Candidates will be asked to sign an authorization form allowing the Berkeley Fire Department to conduct background checks. Information gained in the Background Investigation will be used in consideration of candidates and their possible employment as entry-level Firefighters.

This process generally takes approximately 3 to 6 weeks.

**Upon successful completion of the Background Investigation a condition job offer is extended.**

Pre-Employment Medical Exam

Selected candidates will be scheduled for a complete Firefighter pre-employment medical examination

Before the final employment offer, candidates must successfully pass a pre-employment medical examination. Candidates are required to complete a comprehensive medical history questionnaire. Candidates must provide complete and accurate information in the questionnaire and during the medical examination with the clinic physician.

Any misrepresentation may be cause for disqualification from consideration.

This medical exam includes a comprehensive medical history, blood & urine samples, hearing/vision testing, physical condition assessment, a tuberculosis (TB) test, and other related medical tests. The TB test will be placed during the initial visit and will require an approved health professional to evaluate it within 24-72 hours. The exam will take approximately two (2) hours.

All candidates must successfully pass the medical exam including pre-employment drug screening (may also include pre-employment psychological exam) in order to be eligible for consideration for employment.